Green-House’s USB Hub and Card Reader Combo Looks Useful For Netbook Users


Green-House has released an useful combo gadget for unlucky netbook users or mobile device users who found themselves lacking of a multi-card reader and extra USB 2.0 ports. Green-House’s USB Hub and Card Reader Combo is one of the one stone two birds solution to help you on both saving money and saving space in bringing two gadget at once.

This USB Hub and card reader combo is technically known as GH-CR45UHK, measures in 70 x 45 x 12mm, weighing in 35g only, and you can actually get it soon in Japan for 1,370 Yen. This Card reader and USB Hub combo offers one 45-in-1 card reader with SDXC support and there are 3 extra USB 2.0 ports for your USB gadgets.

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