Plug and Player MP3 Player Design – Cool Method To ‘Recharge’ Your Ears

Talking about minimalistic design, this Plug and Player MP3 player design should be counted as one. It’s a cool concept that mix both power plug (european style) and iPod like MP3 player into one compact design that you can charge it directly on the outlet without the need of extra adapter or cable. The player itself is the charger.


It works, however, the design is a bit awkward and looks pretty ‘dangerous’ when you are trying to listen to your songs while it’s recharging. As if you are connected to the power outlet and your ears are at stack and ready to be recharged like a robot. There are two scenarios when something goes wrong with the MP3 player. You will either goes directly to meet your Creator or you will be transform into an electro boy with super-charged super power.

Well, nothing wrong with the design. It’s just me that tend to think weirdly when seeing unique stuff being created. :)

[Source via Craziest Gadgets]

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