Toshiba Portégé R830, Tecra R840 And Tecra R850 Laptop Announced

More laptops have been launched with the latest Sandy Bridge CPU and the support of the latest USB 3.0 port. Toshiba is one of the latest company who’ve included that two techs into their newly launched Portégé R830, Tecra R840 And Tecra R850 laptops.


They are all powered by Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs, which will be available in several models that come with Intel 2nd generation Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7.

On Toshiba Portégé R830 series, this laptop has 13.3-inch screen, and amazing exclusive Magnesium Alloy case with honeycomb structure protecting the laptop. As for Tecra R840 and R850, these laptop are coming with fiberglass-reinforced casing and the same honeycomb structure. Both models has loss some of their weight when compared to their predecessors, and especially on Portégé R830, this laptop is capable of giving a maximum 11 hours of battery life depending on how you use the system.

No pricing for the moment. You can find the full Press Release at AkihabaraNews.

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