Mobee Magic Bar: Induction Charger for Apple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad

New Apple accessory has lead to a gadget that act as a wireless induction charger for both Wireless Apple Keyboard and Trackpad. Introduced you to Mobee Magic Bar, a wireless charger that will fill the juice of the two devices wirelessly (but not all at once).


Mobee Magic Bar will require you to slide in the apple keyboard and screw it into the provided slot in order it to work. Luckily, with the help of Mobee Magic Bar, you don’t have to use batteries for your Apple keyboard and trackpad anymore. You don’t have to discard any battery when you are using Mobee Magic Bar. However, the ‘wireless’ term in this Mobee magic bar is quite tricky. Yes, you’ll be able to charge your Apple keyboard and trackpad in wireless manner. However, to get the Mobee Magic Bar work you are still required to plug in a USB cable to any available USB port before it can start recharging the device.

How to install it ?
– Installation only takes 1 minute !
– Remove the 2 AA Batteries of your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard or Magic Trackpad
– Screw the Cylinder battery Pack into your input device.
– Place the Magic Bar on your desktop and plug it through any USB port.
– Slide you input device into the Magic Bar, it is charging !

[Product Page via DVICE]

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