SupaBoy Portable Pocket SNES Game Console

I have seen lots of custom modification to turn a retro SNES console into a portable version, but haven’t really found one that is actually a real made-from-factory portable SNES game console yet. Luckily, if you are a SNES super fans, soon you will be able to get this SupaBoy from Hyperkin because they’ll launch first non-modded (by users) portable SNES console in this Summer.


The shape of SupaBoy is actually using the retro Super Nintendo Controller design. At the back side, you can slide in a Super Famicom cartrdige and the fun begin after you’ve hit the ON button. There is a 3.5-inch screen, two-axis directional pad, Y/X/A/B buttons, LR button, as well as two port for connecting external controller.

SupaBoy has built-in battery that you can use it for about 5 hours of gaming, and if you are looking to play your game on a larger display, there is an AV connection at the rear side that you can plug it into your TV.

SupaBoy portable pocket SNES console is going to cost $79.99 when it has been available.

[via Winarco and GadgetsIn]

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