The Bulletproof Clipboard Protects From Wild Bullet From Thrusting Your Heart

I wonder who’s going to use a clipboard to block bullets. I’m not Jackie Chan, or Matrix, or Superman. I’ll run the hell out of the way if there are gun fight and it’s complete crazy to try to stop a bullet. However, if you think that you are crazy enough, or just need an unique protection, you can get this Bulletproof Clipboard that was just cooked from Thinkgeek’s oven.


Thanks about protection, this bulletproof clipboard is really no joke. You can watch the video demo below for more details where the Thinkgeek’s crews test it by shooting real bullets to the clipboard. Not a single bullet capable of thrusting through the board and that is pretty awesome.

Cool, what’s make it cooler is that Bulletproof Clipboard cost only $44.99 to own one. But the downside is, this clipboard is way heavier than any clipboard that you can find in the stationary store. It weighs in 3lbs and that’s about as heavy as a netbook or laptop. Well, laptop won’t protect your from bullet thrusts anyway. So this one is better and cheaper.


Also, you can use it to block knife slash, slam thief’s face, keep your head from the sun light while on the street, block rain, or anything else you can think of.

Want to get one?

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