AMD To Features USB 3.0 Interfaces On All Their Future Products


Rejoice if you are have planned to get an AMD system in the near future. Recently the company has announced that they will be jumping ahead to push USB 3.0 interface integrated on their motherboard chipset and are ready for both Desktop and laptop system. While Intel is still busy developing their ThunderBolt connection, AMD has gone ahead to use the common faster ‘superspeed’ connection to grab the market attention fast. I’ve seen a lot of USB 3.0 devices, but only seen a few of ThunderBolt compatible hard drives. AMD certainly will win the match if Intel is just trying to be the purple cow without actually know what the market’s demand is.

Also, with this kind of built-in implementation, user can eliminate the need to plug an external device that could result in shorter battery life and make the laptop hotter (if you are using expresscard).

[via everythingUSB]

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