Full Body Angry Birds iPad 2 Decals With Matching Wallpapers

Fans of the destroyer Angry Birds? If so, I’m sure you’d love to dress your iPad 2 with these cool series of full body decals.


This is the new Angry Birds vinyl decals with three set in total. Featuring high quality printing, precision-cut, 3M decals, and you can easily apply or remove the decals as often as you want without leaving any mark. These vinyl decal itself is 100% waterproof, oil-proof, and won’t make your iPad 2 to looks like an idiotic tablet. It’s only about passion of Angry Birds. :)


This full body Angry Birds iPad 2 decals is only $12 a pop and there are various series available, including the Red birds, Yellow Birds, and bad Piggy. Find the details at Etsy if you wish to get one. As for the wallpaper, you should request one to the creator.

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