Keyboard Organizer – Unique Place To Store Your Stuffs

If you have a wireless keyboard placed on your desk, this gadget is actually quite a space-eater and you don’t really have any choice to store anything beneath this keyboard if you are got a stuffy desk. However, with this Keyboard Organizer, you can now store some of your CDs, pen, post-it Notes, or anything thin enough in the storage beneath the keyboard!


I know the pain of overcrowded desk, and I know this kind of keyboard organizer is very useful to tidy up the mess a little bit (except your the ‘messy’ type – this stuff is not useful for you). For a little bit stealthy purpose, you can also hide your important stuff beneath the keyboard if no one actually know what’s inside the keyboard. It’s very good to office worker who often found themselves in the wonder where their pens has gone. Just hide in beneath the keyboard shall solve the problem (just make sure your workmate doesn’t know anything about the hidden storage).

As for the keyboard itself, this wireless keyboard is featuring full size keyboard with several hot keys aligned at the top side along with some multimedia playback buttons. You can also plug in a USB cable if you would like to save some money on purchasing battery.

Windows® compatible*
USB connector or wireless
1 year limited warranty

Keyboard functions include:
Audio control like MUTE and VOLUME
Internet keys including, Home, Mail, Forward, Backward and Stop.
Shortcut keys to My Computer and Calculator
Bring up Windows® Media Player with a keystroke
Fast forward your CD or DVD with one button, stop, play or fast forward
Membrane switch technology for long life and low noise keystrokes

Storage possibilities include:
Computer CDs and DVDs
Paper clips
Pens and pencils
Note pads
Business cards
And much more!

Price-wise, this keyboard organizer is going to cost $29.95 via their official website.

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