Nintendo 3DS Sold Over 400K Units In the First Week

Nintendo 3DS, the mighty 3D handheld console that was out just a month ago has been sold like peanuts in the market. It’s been estimated that Nintendo will be able to sell about 500K to 750K in the first week, however, it seems they are not up for that estimation. Recently through the mouth of Nintendo of America president Reggie F., he claimed that Nintendo has sold about 400K units only.


If we look back to the original DS, the first generation’s first week sales is much better at 480K. It sure looks lower, but Nintendo has claimed that their first day sales is way bigger than any other previous model they have. I’m sure it’s just Nintendo trying to look strong. In fact, after the first week sales, the follow up weeks sales record are dropping dramatically.

Well, people just curious about this new technology, where a 3D screen found on a handheld console. I’m not sure if US will be like Japan, where the users has sold their 3DS and saved money for NGP instead. Though we are still hoping that Nintendo will be coming up with something more reasonable (not just marketing hype) like their previous Wii (which is very successful) to overcome their weak products.

[via Coated, Crunchgear]

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