Sanyo MOVE ON Battery Charger

Running out of battery for your gadget when you are having your good time at the beach or any vacation spot outdoor is always annoying. That’s why lots of people have to bring a carrying pouch to store extra battery to make sure their gadgets get enough power supply while they are having fun. However, it will be a problem if the gadget has no replaceable battery to switch when running out of juice. In this kind of situation, you have to equipped yourself with an external battery backup instead of getting individual battery. Beside it save you money on purchasing extra battery (again and again) you will also help the Mother nature from hazardous materials.


We have seen lots of battery backup solution and I’m sure all have its benefits. However, we would like to check out this new MOVE ON backup battery from SANYO. Beside it’s lightweight at 230g, you can actually use it to recharge any of your USB gadgets again and again until the power run out.

MOVE ON backup battery has 8800mAh rechargeable battery store inside this black box, and it’s been stated that to compatible with any Apple devices, including iPod, iPhone 4, iPad, and other USB gadgets like PMP, cell phones, MID or MP3 players with the help of the included adapters.


SANYO MOVE ON is going to cost you $117.5 USD to own one. Yes, it’s kind of expensive. But it this device will pay off in the matter of months if you are an avid gadget users.

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