Motz Pet Wooden Mini Speaker Is Cute And Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly lovers might have seen some of the wooden Motz tiny speakers that are handmade with various kind of natural wood. Recently, Motz has entered to the market with new version of tiny wooden speaker. What’s interesting is that Motz is now featuring a puppy shaped on their new tiny speaker which has been called as “Motz Pet Wooden Mini Speaker”.


Similar to all of the Motz speakers from the past, this Motz Pet is also capable of hooking up with any audio gadgets with 3.5mm audio jack. All you have to do is to connect the device with this tiny little wooden speaker and it shall sing your favorite songs.


However, I’m not sure if I’m alone for the dirty minded thinking. To hook up the speaker with your audio device, you actually need to plug the long audio plug to the “bottom” of the puppy. Well… perhaps It’s only me that often things something in weird perspective. :)


These Eco-friendly wooden speaker is featuring 100% handcrafted work using natural cut of apricots. The Motz Pet tiny wooden speaker has a built-in battery that could last for 5 hours at most. Measuring at just 67 x 52 x 13mm, you should be able to bring it anywhere inside your pocket together with your audio gadgets (iPhone, iPod, PMP, etc.).


Motz Pet Wooden mini speaker won’t cost you much to own one. It’s only $39.99 per speaker to get something that is so cute and eco-friendly. Interested to get one? You can head on to Pyramid Distribution for more details.

[via The Gadgeteer]

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