Point of View and TGT Releases GeForce GTX 590 BEAST Graphics Card

Point of View and TGT has teamed up to offers a new BEAST for the PC market. As far as beast, no worry, there is no such thing as real beast in the tech world. This BEAST is a new special edition GeForce GTX 590 BEAST dual graphic cards featured a factory overclocked speed and you can install water cooling system on this GPU without much hassle. It has full-coverage water block made by Aqua Computer.


As for the performance, PoV-TGT nVidia GeForce GTX 590 BEAST is featuring out of box factory overclock speeds of 691MHz (core), 1382MHz CUDA cores, and 927.5MHz (3710MHz effective)memory clock speed, against the normal speed at 607Mhz(core), 1215Mhz(CUDA) and 853.5/3414MHz(memory/effective), respectively.

This Point of View and TGT GeForce GTX 590 BEAST GPU has been listed for the price between €777.97 and €849.08 in Europe market. No idea when it will be available in the States.


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