Samsung HD3 Console Concept – Possible Future NGP Rival?

Dumary Joseph has come up with an interesting portable gaming console concept for Samsung called HD3. We are not sure if Samsung is going to step into this market in the future or not, but it should be pretty promising to see a possible future rival for the upcoming NGP from Sony.


According to the designer, this Samsung HD3 portable gaming console is going to have a massive storage of 250GB, unlike current portable console that has only a few gigabyte of storage. Also, this Samsung HD3 console concept is going to run Google Android OS as the designer has stated that HD3 will be able to access to Android App market for extra games just like PSP Phone (Sony Xperia Play).


Specification wise, this Samsung HD3 portable console concept is going to features 12-megapixels camera, 4G network, touch control, dual analog stick, D-pad, fingerprint scanner, multiple profiles, 3D dual camera, bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and more.


Sadly, we are still far from seeing this concept from being realized as one solid product. Meanwhile, we should put our attention to the NGP as it’s going to be launched soon.

[via YankoDesign]

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