Egg Chair From Silicone Zone Is a Cute and Fancy Egg Holder


If your favorite meal is boiled or half-boiled eggs, you might want to have something cute like this fancy Egg Chair to support your eggs when you are enjoying the inside. These Egg Chair is just charming. Not by its look, but by its functionality as a cool egg holder that will tightly catching the egg and won’t let it fall. The Egg Chair is actually made with durable silicone, so the holder is actually quite flexible where you can shake the egg like a bobblehead toys.

Egg chair is not only flexible, it’s also microwave friendly where you can simply put it entirely with the egg into your microwave to heat it up if you want to have a warm egg meal.

Technically speaking, Egg Chair is capable of withstanding -50 degree Celcius to higher than 300 degree celcius. Boiling egg or microwave wouldn’t make the silicone melt unless you’ve set the temperature over the limit.


When you’ve finished your good time eating your favorite food, you can just remove the shell and throw this Egg chair directly into your dishwasher to clean up. Yep, Egg Chair is dishwasher safe.

Egg Chair

Oven Safe – Achieve excellent baking peformance.
Microwave Safe – Ready steady for cooking, reheating and defrosting.
Non-Stick – Especially designed for easy release of pastry.
Dishwasher Safe – Good for convenient and efficient clean up.
Freezer Safe – Able to be filled with any ingredients until perfectly chilled or frozen.
Temperature Range – Innovatively designed to withstand temperatures from -50° C to 300° C, providing even heat-spread whilst remaining odor-free.


Egg Chair is going to be available soon directly at Silicone zone in many color selections with unannounced pricing.

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