EverCool Outs Dr. Cool – The First Router Cooler In the World!

Check out this funny looking cooling device. It looks a crab, or even a mini UFO with fan. It also looks like a skiing or snow vehicle, but it’s actually not a huge device to share. This is Dr. Cool, the latest and the world’s first router cooler in the world made by EverCool.


You may ask that, why a Router need a cooler anyway? It’s to solve overheating problem. Well, unless you’ve hid your router somewhere stuffy and narrow, you might never get such kind of problem as an overheating router. Overheating router will cause failure to the connection where sometimes it’s very critical for some users like forex trader or web server providers.


EverCool Dr. Cool router cooler has two places to install the router. You can slip into the hug of the two clip-like hands, or you can simply put it at the top side of the cooling fan. Beside it can be used as Router cooler, EverCool stated that Dr. Cool is also usable for 2.5-inch portable hard disks, tablet PCs, Netbooks or other accessories.


We are not sure how useful this cooler is, but EverCool has provided a comparison chart where you can see there is a significant temperature being pulled out from the devices. It draw power from two source, you can either use USB to get power from PC, laptop, or router (types that has USB port) or use AC adapter to get power directly from the outlet.


[Source: TPU]

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