Blink Bike Helmet Has Built-in Light Indicator For Turning

Biking at the night sometimes is pretty unpleasant. You know, not everyone are ‘awake’ at the night and there is no guarantee that our bike’s reflector can be any notice to the ‘crazy’ roadrunner in the street that could just bump us unintentionally and cause us serious damage and hurts. To solve this problem, we have seen some of the cool solutions offered to troubleshoot such problem. There is a wireless cycling indicator where you can install to your bike, or you can use the reflective gloves and socks to increase your visibility while biking at night.

If it’s not enough, here is a new solution for increasing your visibility by equipping a helmet with built-in light indicator.


This is the Blink, a smart bicycle helmet that will help you get notice while making turn. There are four different light installed in this helmet, two at the sideways and another two at the front and rear side. The frontal LED will act light a flashlight, while the rear light is a kind of stop light colored in red. As for the other two at the side, it will be blinking once you’ve activated by tapping them with your hand.

Blink is pretty nice and I’m sure it will works well with the previous solution that we have covered here, especially the reflective gloves. When making a turn, you can tap the helmet once and let the light blinks, than you can start waving your hands with the reflective gloves equipped.

However, it’s sad that this Blink Helmet is just a concept that will not be available soon even you want some now.

[via Gajitz]

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