Lunch Bugs Bags: Disguise Your Meals With Disguisting Bugs


Creeping out someone near us is sometimes pretty fun to do, as long as it’s not in the extreme way. We have seen numerous ways of pranks and jokes that uses special gadgets to make people shouting “eewww” or “yikees” instantly. To one that fall into this category for lunch time is the moldy lunch bag that will transform your bread or sandwiches into a rotten food. However, if it’s not creepy enough, you can mix it with this new lunch bugs bag to add more creepiness to your food. It’s 99% guaranteed that hungry thief won’t choose your lunch to steal, unless the thief is far sighted.

Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags

Each of these clear plastic bags has a bug printed on it, making anything you put inside look decidedly less appetizing. No one will ever steal your food from the fridge at work again. Also, good for protecting your lunch from bullies at school. Each cardboard box has 24 plastic bags.

These Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags are available in a pack of 24 bags for $6.95. It’s a fun food bags for a good prank.

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