Cute TakaraTomy Totoro Motion Detector Table Lamp

The toy maker from Japan, TakaraTomy has just made a small release of their new toy called Totoro Motion Detector Table Lamp. This gadget is pretty self explanatory if I have to say, because the title say it all. It is a new toy or new desk / table lamp with motion detection that will automatically switch on when somebody sit on the table and do a certain actions.

Cute TakaraTomy Totoro Motion Detector Table Lamp

The actions including clapping hands near Totoro, waving your hands near Totoro, or even touching the body of Totoro. Beside light up the lamp, TakaraTomy Totoro motion detection table lamp will also do a little dance that looks super cute. Well, the Totoro itself is pretty cute already. It’s perhaps one of the cutest abstract animal that you can find in their popular Anime.

This TakaraTomy Totoro Motion detector table lamp will be available in this Summer for $48. We are not sure if it’s radiation free, so it’s best if you have your own DIY Geiger meter to check on this item before you actually get your hands dirty.

[TakaraTomy via Akihabara]

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