Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard Concept Has Turned Into A Reality

We have missed this concept a year ago, but we do have something similar like the no-key keyboard concept. The idea here is that Minebea Cool Leaf keyboard is now a reality, and has been transformed into a commercial product.


Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard is all about a touchscreen keyboard with no keys to push. It has a flat mirror-like panel where shines out bunch of alphabets and other keys like what you have on your keyboard. All you have to do is to touch on the corresponded keys and you shall see the text appear in your PC screen.

Well, it a KEYBOARD anyway. It’s only slimmer, sleeker and sexier than any slim type keyboards available in the market. Overall, there are 108-keys with Japanese, US English, German, French and Italian layout. Also, the image above has suggested that Minebea will also launched this type of no-button calculator and TV remote that looks as sleek as the keyboard. However, there is no information yet on those.

You can expect Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard to appear in the market in May 13, 2011 in Japan for unannounced pricing, while the other countries will follow up in this July 2011.

[via Minebea]

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