R Battery Concept Put Old Batteries To Definite Rest

When your remote control can’t control your TV anymore, or when your wireless mouse can’t track properly anymore, often you will remove the battery and replace with a new set of fresh batteries. The old batteries will dispose without second thought because you thought they are not useful anymore. In fact, even your clock or remote control can use the battery anymore, there is a remaining power in the battery. R Battery concept will take a good use of this opportunity by mixing one AA battery and two AAA batteries together into one big battery that you can use up that power by fully draining their energy.


The concept looks pretty cool for getting the maximum energy out of your batteries. However, since you have to mix them together, you will get one large battery that should have no place to plug in, unless the designer has thought some kind of useful adapter for this R Battery or any older gadget that could still fit in a D type battery.

[via YankoDesign]

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