Apple White iPhone 4 To Launch Today

If color and appearance matter to you, you can have your queue in the nearest Apple store today because it’s been said that Apple is going to launch the white version of iPhone 4.


This white version of iPhone 4 has been discussed passionately since the first launch of the original iPhone 4 black version last year, and if you are one of the fans that have been passionately waiting for this version, it’s your time now.

According to what the source has been stated, this Apple White iPhone 4 will be available in 28 countries, including US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Demark and Australia to just name a few.

We are not sure if the availability will be all at once or released gradually. But what’s the thing that we want to observe is not that. We want to know whether user will really passionate for a white color model instead of the ordinary black version.

If it turned out to have more purchase volume, Apple might want to take a new route in releasing their next-gen iPhone a.k.a. iPhone 5 by using a different theme. There is a rumor that Apple will launch their iPhone 5 during this late 2011. But we haven’t got any strong evidence to prove that statement yet.

Well, let’s see what’s Apple is singing in this year.

[via Coated]

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