iPhone Pit Stop Dock

Want to have a cost effective DIY iPhone dock that you can use when charging at the wall outlet? Check out this iPhone Pit Stop Dock made from wooden parts.

iPhone Pit Stop Dock

iPhone Pit Stop Dock is not coming in a finished iPhone dock. You have to assemble the separated parts into one before you can actually use it. The fully assembled iPhone Pit Stop Dock has a place/mini table where you can place the iPhone at the top, while the charging cable can be rolled onto the provided notches beneath the mini table.

When not in use, you can dissemble them and easily find place to store it. It’s also nice for travelers that dislike bringing dedicated iPhone dock on their bag. iPhone Pit Stop Dock is very thin when dissembled, and can be assembled in the matter of minutes. Of course, you can also use it on any USB gadgets that you have as long as the dock can hold!

iPhone Pit Stop Dock instruction

If you are interested, iPhone Pit Stop Dock is available for $23.89 at Ponoko.

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