Omnio Wow-Keys Keyboard – Turn iPhone Into Numpad And Multi-touch TrackPad

For you who is fancy of everything iPhone, now you can also use your lovely iPhone on a keyboard. You will be able to quickly access to your iPhone features using this new Omnio WOW-keys keyboard that has a built-in iPhone dock to the right side, where it has replaced the numeric pad. Yes, it’s a replacement, a hi-tech replacement for the ordinary numeric pad that supercharged its functionality.


Omnio WOW-keys keyboard has a special app for your iPhone that you can turn the iphone into a touchscreen numpad. There is a button where you can push to change mode between keyboard and iPhone mode.

This is pretty wonderful because when you are setting the keyboard into iPhone mode, you can type message directly into the iPhone without relying on the touchscreen virtual QWERTY keys. Reversely, when you are setting the keyboard into keyboard mode, you can use your iphone not only as a numpad, it also functional as a multi-touch track-pad for your computer/laptop.


When docked, Omnio WOW-keys keyboard can charges and synchronizes your iPhone as well. This keyboard will be launched on May 24th for an unannounced price.

[via Compuexpert]

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