The Remote Control Style Kokuyo X-ViZ Calculator


I’m not sure if you would be misled by the image above, I thought it was a calculator at first if I didn’t read the title. Well, yes. This is the Kokuyo X-ViZ calculator that looks pretty similar as a universal TV remote with mono colored display.
Designed by Tatsuya Matsui, Kokuyo X-ViZ Calculator can be used with one hand, or to be exact, with your thumb only. It’s similar like navigating channel with your TV remote. If you are familiar with that, you shouldn’t have problem with Kokuyo X-ViZ Calculator.


Kokuyo X-ViZ calculator is available in black and white for the equivalent price of $64. Currently, there is no Japanese gadget importer have this gadget listed yet. You can probably try your luck contacting GeekStuff4U or Rinkya.

[via GeekAlerts]

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