Want/Need Glass – Simple But Meaningful Gadget

want-need-glassAs a blogger, I’ve always had so many things that I want, surpassing things that I really need to do at the moment and keep distracted to reach my true goal. I guess I need something to make me aware of the condition and keep me alert for my goal. I found this Want/Need Glass to be a simple notifier, but it’s very meaningful to put myself back to track.

Want/Need Glass is all about a simple transparent water glass with some marking and line, along with a little hole. Notice that the lower part of the glass is marked with Need, and the part above the line with hole is marked with Want.

What this glass trying to tell is that you mustn’t have too much of things you want and focus back on what you need to do. Filling up the need is a necessity, while something you want is a complimentary stuffs.

If you are interested, Wan/Need Glass is available for $30 at Alesinadesign. Or, you could just make a hole on your glass and mark them like the picture above.

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