NEC Introducing 65-inch V651 Commercial LCD Display

If it’s about commercial LCD display, then it’s not things that you put in your home theater. It’s about a display that will be messed by hundred, or even thousands of people in the public. Also, it’s one of the display that will be used 24 x 7 hours when possible and it’s kind of harsh if they are going to use that nice looking uptown girl-like Samsung 55-inch LED TV in the public tortured by sun’s heat, rain and dust.


NEC, the company who’ve been an old player in commercial display business has just unveiled a new variant or commercial LCD called V651. What this TV have is actually quite ordinary, like 1080p resolution, has multiple connectivity (VGA, DVI, Displayport, HDMI), reasonable brightness level and contrast ratio. What’s make it different is that the display has a technology to pervent images from being burned in, and has integrated 10Watt speakers that is loud enough to pull attention from the crowd.

Sadly, since it’s for public area, this Display is not the best choice for your home. Also, it will cost you for $5,299, which is a bit too high to reach for consumer level, unless they’ve got pile of cash to burn (spend).

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