Soria Kitchen WorkStation – A Cool Kitchen Concept

Everybody who loves to stay in the kitchen cooking their favorite food might love this idea of Wonder Island. Soria is a conceptual All-in-One kitchen concept design that have mixed everything in one and could be compacted into one small ‘Island’ that looks pretty cute.


Hit the jump for the expanded version of Soria Kitchen Workstation.



See? This modern style wonder island is a kind of all-in-one kitchen gadget where can cook, eat, clean dishes, store utensils and appliances, and having fun while occupying as little space as possible. This concept will be a nice kitchen for home with limited space, or even large room that want to stay unique. Even it’s small, it have been fully packed with drawers, shelves, roam space for keeping electronic appliances, four electric stoves, cool basin, and even a cutting board that could be retracted from inner body. Love this kitchen and would love to have one if it’s available now :)

[Designer: Vitor Xavier | More image gallery via YankoDesign]

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