Cool Armor For Xbox 360 Slim – The Calibur11 Base Vault

Feeling that your Xbox 360 Slim is not cool enough with the glossy black surface treatment? Want to add extra air flow to your console? Or want to add some more protection to your console while at the same time adding more functionality like controller holder?


Well, with Calibur11 Base Vault, you can achieve those goal all at once. Calibur11 Base Vault is a kind of console stand that added an extra protection like a Iron man’s armor and it’s colored in red, too!

Once you’ve sealed your Xbox 360 slim into the base, the console will have more stable vertical position as the case has included extended feet. Also, to the right side of Calibur11 Base Vault, there is a duck-mouth shaped controller holder where you can properly rest Xbox 360’s wireless controller there.


Since Calibur11 Base Vault has provided an opening at the rear side, practically, the case won’t disturb any ports at the rear side. Also notice that Calibur11 base vault doesn’t covered the ventilation at the side that prevent the console from REOD (Red Eye Of Death).

This Calibur11 Base Vault for the Xbox 360 Slim is currently available to get for $60 directly from Calibur11 website.

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