Kaleidoscope Watch by GRO Design

Kaleidoscope watch is a new unique timepiece concept designed by GRO Design team. I’m sure you have an idea on what a Kaleidoscope is. However, as far as the complexity of patterns that you can watch on the usual Kaleidoscope tube, this watch doesn’t have it.


Kaleidoscope watch is only a simple two pieces of gradient disks that spin around to create a simple color crossing and matching. Notice there are two dots in the watch. One with solid fill, while the other one with hollowed body. The solid one shows you hours (hour hand), while the hollowed one is showing minutes (minute hand). The pater will keep changing from squares, diamonds, straight bars and then diamonds, squares and back to straight bars again.

Watch the following video for the details of the transition:

kaleidoscope – time in colour
With the display of time so ubiquitous today, the watch is less necessary for its time keeping function. A watch is really animated jewelry and a symbol of our taste, personality and status.

Three coloured gradients turn against each other to abstract time into an ever changing kaleidoscopic pattern.

The telling of real time becomes secondary to the engaging and decorative quality of the display.

Although possible to tell the time with the small dot and ring of the hours and minutes; we are interested to find out if users would learn to tell the time just from the pattern and arrangement of colours?

[GRO Design]

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