Mitsubishi WD38U-EST and XD380U-EST Short Throw Projectors

Short Throw projector has been quite popular recently due to the fact that the projector can project big screen size within a close range. This type of projector has a quite unique shape, especially on the lens that looks like a fish eye – very big with a upward facing focus. Recently, Mitsubishi has released two such kind of short throw projectors, which have been dubbed as WD38U-EST and XD380U-EST.


These innocence looking projectors is coming complete with horde of features to make your investment worth it. Both Mitsubishi WD38U-EST and XD380U-EST short throw projectors have come complete with built-in 10-watt speaker, LAN display, USBA+ B input that lets you do your presentation without a PC, can closed captioning and also 3D-ready.

Now, since there are two models released, the main difference between them is on the resolution. Mitsubishi WD38U-EST is using WXGA resolution, while Mitsubishi XD380U-EST is using XGA resolution. Despite of the difference, what makes them a group of short throw projector are their capability to project up to 70-inch of big screen display within a range less than 23-inch away.

As far as pricing and availability, Mitsubishi haven’t say anything yet. We are sure that these type of projector will be the future hot selling office projector.

[via Mitsubishi]

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