DIY Earthquake Detection Gadget

Want to be the first to know that there is an earthquake in your area? You can follow what Bob Davis has done with his own DIY Earthquake Detection gadget.


This earthquake detector will monitor the closest magnetic fields to attempt earthquake prediction. Though I’m not geek enough to know how this stuff work, but it would be great if we can create one for ourselves. The device is taking a good use of UGN3503 hall effect devices and an Arduino.

I came up with this idea over 10 years ago because animals behave strangely before earthquakes. They know something is about to happen. I also know animals can navigate magnetically. If you put baby sea turtles in a pool they will swim east to west. If you add a magnet the will arc around it. That why you can take a dog to California and it will find its way back to NY. Then I discovered that there are many magnetic abnormalities around the fault lines. At that point I added the quartz into the equation and came up with this method of predicting earthquakes. How accurate it can be in predicting earthquakes is yet to be determined.

Head on over to Bob Davis’ blog for more details.

[via Hacked Gadgets]

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