Green Marker Grass Green-It Bookmarks

Anything that sounds green, count me in. How about a green grass-it bookmark? Sure, I’d love to get one of those. I read a lot and tend to fold the page to make a bookmark. If you valued book more than your life, folding pages in book sounds like a harsh action. It damage the pages and left an unrecoverable lines at the pages. Well, I should use a bookmarker from the start anyway. Since I like green stuffs, this Grass-it bookmark has really intrigued me.


It’s a small fake leaf that you can slip them anywhere in your book, and it could stick like a post-it note to the pages where you can return and read them later. If you are pretty playful, you can dress your books like it’s a grass pot growing wild grass, like the picture above. However, since it’s pretty slim and small (unlike ordinary bookmarker) you may lose it easily. So you might want to get more than one Grass-It bookmark.


Luckily, it seems the creator know their product’s downside well. This Grass-It bookmark is coming in a set of three packs, with each pack containing 75 grass-it bookmarkers in different sizes. Well, you can really grow a nice little fake grass garden above your books with them. The more, the merrier!

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