Eton Soulra XL Solar Dock Has A Huge Solar Panel Come Along

Eton Soulra XL is a new solar dock station available for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s yet another cool solar driven dock from the company that featured a large solar panel to generate green energy to power up the dock station while you are using this device outdoor.


Eton Soulra XL solar dock station has built-in battery that could last about 5 hours of continuous play before it need some more green juicy energy. The dock station itself has 8 speaker drivers built-in, with 2 tweeters, 2 woofers, and 4 passive radiators and they are sum up to the total output of 22W. Loud enough for your outdoor audio enjoyment.


Sadly, This Eton Soulra XL solar dock station is quite pricey. They cost $300 a pop and will be available in mid May. If you think it’s good because it has a solar panel (when comparing to other product on similar price range), this dock station is pretty a good solution for your outdoor activities.

[via CNet via Technabob]

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