Japanese Kimono iPhone 4 Cases

Kimono is one of the very beautiful traditional clothing in Japan that showing the true culture of Japan. If you are in Japan, you’ll often see Japanese wearing them on festivals or special events. Now, what’s the relation with iPhone 4 in this case? Well, Strapya World has launched the so called ‘Kimono for iPhone 4’, a clothing-like fabric case with beautiful Kimono patterns. Most of them are so lovely, flourished with flowers like sakura or lotus.


As for the case material, it’s made with polyester that could deflect all bumps and scratches to protect your iPhone 4 from dangers. But protection should be on the second list when we are talking about this Kimono case. These Kimono iPhone 4 case is trying to invested the Japanese tradition through their fabric arts that looks very wonderful for the ladies.

Yes, I doubt that male-user would love to get such kind of ‘dressing’ for their iPhone 4. Perhaps they should released some kind of ‘Warrior’ case too, to accompany this Kimono case series.


Well, if you are interested, these Kimono iPhone 4 case is available in five different themes, with each one of them cost you $18.1 USD.

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