Kenton Cool Makes Calls And Tweet From Mount Everest’s Summit With Samsung Galaxy S II

Sponsored by Samsung, Kenton Cool who’ve previously climbed Mount Everest for 8 times is getting another trip (the ninth trip) to the summit to test out the might of the new Samsung Galaxy S II Android Phone.


When he has successfully set his foot on the top of the icy mountain, which is 29,029-feet from the ground, he made the first 3G call and tweet the first twitter update up there. It’s amazing that even up high there we

Like what we have mention before, the 3G connection has been made available by NCell to help sportmen enjoy their trip to the summit without the need to carry the cumbersome satellite phone. Small and slim Android phones (or any other phone that is ice-proof) like Samsung Galaxy S II could do the job pretty well.

Well, it come up to making call, the dual core and Super AMOLED Plus display play a little role in this scenario. I believe no one want to hike their way to the summit and spend time playing games or applications. It would be better to enjoy then spectacular ultimate super wide screen display than gazing on the small 4-inch screen. :)

Here have a look at the video demo below:

[via UberGizmo]

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