Olympus LS-20M Audio Recorder Can Also Record Full 1080p Videos

The development of an audio recorder has finally come to the line where the marriage between both audio and video recording made possible. Olympus, a company which has been developing such a gadget for a long time has finally announced the new LS-20M PCM audio recorder.


This should be the first audio recorder to have full HD video 1080p recording functionality. The recorder itself has a nice appearance, especially on the front side where you will find a nice 1.46-inch LCD data screen and one color LCD display above it to show movie recording in full HD mode. Underneath them, there are bunch of buttons for movie playback and there is a record button that will illuminated when activated.

As far as the lens position for video recording, Olympus has stuffed the lens into a weird position. However, it’s pretty logical because now both microphones and camera are pointing at the same direction to improve the recording quality. It’s only that you are going to have a little bit problem to view the video when you are recording, unlike usual camcorder that has the lens place at the opposite position.

To support the full HD 1080p recording, Olympus has equipped LS-20M PCM audio recorder with 0.25-inch 5-megapixels CMOS sensor that was said to be able to shoot in low light condition at 30fps. Recorded movies will be outputted as MOV video format for the best compression quality and store in the SD card.


You’ve got two choice to play the file. You can either play it directly on the small screen built-in, or you can hook Olympus LS-20M audio recorder with your HDTV via its built-in HDMI port at the bottom side.

Olympus LS-20M PCM audio recorder has been priced for US$299.99 and will be shipped together with some accessories like 2GB SD card, rechargeable battery and USB cable.

[via Gizmag]

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