Barbershop Mirror Clock

Are you a boss of your local barbers shop? Or do you open a barbershop and currently lacking of a nice looking wall clock? Well, guys over at Etsy network has created an interesting barbershop-exclusive wall clock that has a reversed display, even the clock’s hands are running backward if you view it directly!


This is Barbershop Mirror clock, a special clock that is very suitable for in-mirror viewing instead of direct viewing. It does nothing but reversing how the clock moves and work. Running backward, while still capable of showing the real time if you are viewing it through a mirror. Okay, you can actually tell the time even you look at the wall clock directly. You just need to re-adjust your perception a bit and you are good to go.

This BarberShop Mirror Clock is available for $27 at Etsy shop. If you think the clock worth the investment, go get one there.
[via Technabob]

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