Crovel: A Multi-Purpose Shovel!

When it come to an emergency situation, it’s unlikely that we can grab a lot of things with us when trying to get away from a place, let’s say a flooded city or earthquake zone. All we think is to grab a useful, all-in-one tools that won’t burden too much, yet it can functional for a lot of purposes.


The latest of such kind of gadget has been found, entitled as Crovel, which is the multi-purpose shovel that looks very nice. It shaped like a common shovel, but it has a crowbar stuck together at the other end of the shovel.

With crowbar, you can open crates, locked doors, kill zombies (kidding), hit bad guy to try to steal your food, or anything you can think off.

Over at the spade, do you see that shaggy end? Yep, you can use Crovel to cut stuff, too! Practically, you can cut wood or trees with this feature. Also, do you notice the square shaped end, opposite side of the crowbar? According to the company, Crovel can be doubled as a hammer as well. Though it would be difficult to hit nails again and again with the spade intact, but it’s better than none.

If you are interested, Crovel is sell for $99 in a limited numbers only.

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