RageCage Smash Pad: Emotional Cleansing Tool For Office Dwellers

Luckily, I’m not working at the office desk anymore. However, I understand a lot on the pressures put by boss and sometimes it’s just unreasonable and crazy. Depend on what type of person you are and how do you take care of pressure, if you think it’s a piece of cake, then you will need no external tool to help you cleanse your fluctuating emotion. However, if you a type that needs a catharsis (or emotional cleansing) when facing pressures, it’s advisable that you don’t slam your door, or bash your office desk like a mad man. Here you go, a fun but effective little toy that could help you relax a bit even you are under pressures (excluding the heavy one!).


This is the RageCage Smash Pad, a practical little tool that help you release your rage without hurting yourself of objects around you. You know, sometimes we tend to do stupid stuffs when in rage mode and will regret it later when off from that damn stupid mode. If you have this RageCage Smash Pad, you can channel all of your misery and bash it with your knuckle to release the tension. It is said that it could hold up to thousands of bash if you are really that angry. The smashpad is made of soft gel so it won’t hurt yourself when you are channeling your emotion to the pad.


The beauty of RageCage Smash Pad is that it will entertain you after you’ve done smash the pad. Well, just imagine a person that will praise you after you’ve slapped him like crazy. How good feeling is that?

RageCage SmashPad has been programmed with hilarious voice and a number of rage-tastic phrases, and the RageCage even let you customize the illustration with your own and even creating your own RageCage voice that you can share it online.

Such a valuable toy is only costing you at $20, which is cheap enough it if can really relieve stress and rage without the need to visit a mental doctor….

If you want one, go ahead pay a visit to RageCage.

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