Ringbow: The Unique D-Pad Prototype For Tablet

Many has known that tablet device has completely change how user can interact with their system. However, not everyone is good to go with such kind of modern features to play with, and rather try to stay ‘old school’ with mouse or keyboard for input device.

Recently, there is a new toy that could bring you back to your PC environment with mouse-like interaction. CNET guys recently has received demonstration of a cool accessory called Ringbow, that shaped like a ring where you can wear it on your index finger and navigate through the tablet interface with button pushes.


Ringbow has a black D-Pad buttons with four directions like up, down, left, right, and it will be connected to tablet through an unmentioned wireless connectivity. It looks pretty nice as it can quicken up the task, like quickly switching tools in some apps, removing or undoing moves, or it can also treated as a dedicated wireless gaming d-pad for playing games.

However, the downside is that Ringbow is kind of un-standard for app developers because developers have to do a special coding in order to bind the controller to their apps. Now this is kind of a risk to take because no one know if the gadget is useful. If it turn out to be a piece of junk, then what they’ve done with their coding effort will be a total waste.

[via CNET][via UberGizmo]

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