Thin Flexible Paperphone By Human Media Lab

While I’m not a big fans of bendable ‘smartphone’ (as I don’t think I’ll want to bend my cell phone a lot!), a paper thin paperphone is pretty interesting to look up. Recently, Human Media Lab has created their first thin-flim flexible paperphone with 9.5-cm display that you can bent like a the picture above shown, while the quality of the display is not distorted. I’m not really interested what kind of technology working behind the scene, I’m more interested on how this type of ‘paperphone’ will be created for the consumer.


This type of smartphone should be able to do almost any tasks our smartphone could, so it would be interesting to see where developer is going to put such kind of flexible bendable paperphone on. Is it to our skin (stick on it)? to our clothing (tailored together with the fabric)? Oh, I would want to have a cap with retractable flexible display for making calls, where I can even turn it into my personal portable movie display. That would be cool!

Have a look at the following video for the details of this paper smartphone prototype.


[via Gizmag]

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