Veltop Classic Portable Canopies Helps Biker Avoid Soaked By Rain

It is inevitable that biker will be poured with rain when they are cycling in the bad weather. To avoid that, Veltop has offered a portable canopies that you can install to a bike and will provide you a nice little hiding place that prevent the head from getting soaked.


This Veltop Classic Portable Canopy will attach to handle bars and and rear seat with sturdy windscreen, transparent side flaps and foldable parts. The canopy is useful in both sunny and rainy weather as it could block sun and rain at the same time.

The detail parts are including:

1 windscreen equipped with a cap, 2 velcro strips, 2 deflectors and two fixing devices for the telescopic tube and the retractable rear view mirror, plus 1 black hood with a reflecting strip, stored and rolled upon a tube in a bag behind, 2 fiberglass arches (4 parts) and two side protections stored together in a cylindrical bag, 2 fixing devices for the front, and a klick-fix system for the back, 1 Alan key and the instructions of instalment. Installment: The windscreen is fixed on 2 fixing devices installed on the handlebar with the help of the adjustable telescopic tube. 2 guides on its upper part will allow the arches to be imbeded and support the hood. In the back, a universal fixing system (klick fix) allows the hood to be fixed on the saddle shaft with the help of 2 provided rings which fit to all existing diameters.


The shape is definitely not the coolest canopy in the block, but it could do its job pretty well. Veltop Classic is currently selling for $363.75. You can also find other version for tricycle, scooter, etc. at Veltop website.

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