Wicked Laser Sith Series Double Handed Laser

The laser master, Wicked Lasers is coming back with another new variant of handheld laser device – and it’s still as dangerous as their all previous series. Known as the Sith Series, it’s been recognized as the world’s first double handed laser that featured a twin class 4 1-watt Spyder 3 lasers. If you know how cool and fun their Spyder 3 laser is, then this Sith Series is double the risky fun.


Well, it’s indeed a ‘risky fun’ because whenever someone’s eye is exposed to the merciless blue laser beam, they are sentenced to permanent blindness without any negotiation at all. It’s a ‘no mercy’ tool that user should carefully use. It’s not like you are going to be a Star Wars hero when equipping yourself with this ruthless item. They are cool, but it’s more like a ‘killing’ tool that worth the praise of the mass. This Sith Series double handed laser is available for $599.95, certainly great they make it expensive so no dumb kids would get it easily to make their ‘rival’ blind forever.

[via Wicked Lasers]

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