Century Japan Introduces CRMS-SV5F 5-bay HDD Rack

Century from Japan has just rolled out their 5-bay HDD Rack which has been dubbed as CRMS-SV5F. I would call it a portable HDD Rack instead because it’s one of the unique peripheral for Desktop PC that you can move it / migrate from one computer to another easily.


According to what AkihabaraNews has reported, this Century CRMS-SV5F 5-bay HDD Rack is an easy solution to bring up to five 3.5-inch HDDs at once and quickly power them to any kind of motherboard. This HDD Rack has been equipped with cooling fan too in case thing running hot.

Notice that this HDD Rack also coming with a metal handle that you can carry around like touting a hand bag. Looks pretty nice, but it’s sad that Centuries CRMS-SV5F is only available in Japan at the moment.

Let’s hope some one from the State could create something like this, too. It’s easy, anyway.

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