PS3 Trade-in For Xbox 360 Number Increased – Sony Is Sad, Microsoft Is Happy


We aren’t online that much with our PS3 so we have no serious problem with the PSN outages. But for some that can’t live without online gaming on their console, the number of people who’ve started to jump out of Sony PS3 bandwagon and jump into the Xbox 360 is increasing rapidly. Some stores even have seen a upward of 200% for in-store trade-in asking to trade their PS3 with Xbox 360 console. This a great news over what Microsoft is gaining, where the PSN downtime seems to be benefiting them indirectly.

There is also a store that has released an information telling that there is a significant shifts for upcoming games which available on both consoles. Gamers seems to be more into Xbox 360 version instead of PS3 version. The only downside from moving to Xbox 360 LIVE gaming is the paid subscription problem. Everyone knows that PS3 gamers has been the most lucky gamer in term of online interaction and gaming. However, it seems some gamers are willing to pay for that monthly subscription in order to let them continue their quest to play online.

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