Seagate Now Offering Wireless Portable HDD, At Last!

I’ve been looking for ways to hook up with my external hard drive wirelessly without going through a local wireless network that I can’t bring it around. Well, at last such kind of solution has been made available by Seagate! They’ve rolled out their Seagete GoFlex Satellite external hard drive that we can hook it up with WiFi b/g/n connection available in your device. Now I can bring the storage wherever I want and connect it up with my laptop, tablet or smartphones wirelessly!


Apart from the wireless connectivity, Seagate also added USB 3.0 superspeed interface into this hard drive. Seagate GoFlex Satellite is self-powered using internal rechargeable battery that would last for 5 hours on continuous operation, or about 25 hours of standby time. As far as the storage capacity, Seagate GoFlex Satellite is coming in 500GB only. The only reason to not coming in 1TB size is perhaps they are trying to make it as slim as possible while they can still stuffed in the battery.

Seagate GoFlex Satellite is also backed by a three-year warranty, coming with a bundle of software that allow you to securely browsing your files from the hard drive. If you are interested, you can now pre-order it for $199.99 on Amazon. I’d definitely get one when it has arrived at our region!

[via Seagate]

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