Twin One: Fork, Knife And Chopsticks All-in-One

I would say that I’m pretty interested to fancy design that proved to be usable in some case. This Twin One kitchen utensils fall down to my ‘must buy’ list when it appear in the market because it a great all-in-one tools to eat my noodle, sushi!


The Twin One is designed by Adrian and Jeremy Wright from DesignWright (Wright Brothers?!) as two separated tools for your dining, but it can be joined up and you’ll get a functional chopsticks to pick up meat balls.

Sounds like a fun utensils, but sadly the designers should have squeeze some place to include a spoon. That would be awesome if they can do it!

I have no idea where you can get one (I want one too!), But it has been listed at without pricing details. Perhaps I should contact them for enquiry…

[via YankoDesign]

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