Fake Stick On USB Cable – Best Prank Gadget For Your Tech-CoWorkers

In case you want to do something funny in your office (and at the same time it’s tech-related type of work zone), you may find this Fake Stick On USB Cable from Thinkgeek interesting.


Just like the name suggested, it’s a Face USB cable with one of the end that can be conveniently stick (it has a double-sided tiny adhesive discs) on any ‘weird’ stuff that you can think of. Like the picture above, you can put it on a BANANA to fake it as a new type of USB gadget. If your coworkers are ‘low intelligent’, they might think that you’ve just purchased a weird auto banana pealing gadget or desktop USB banana-shaped humidifier. But once they tried it out, nothing really happen because, well, it’s just a banana anyway!

Of course, you can also stick it elsewhere that doesn’t make sense at all. Like to your staplers, punchers, pen, books, action figures, anywhere!


Because EVERYTHING is better with more USB

One of the things you might notice about ThinkGeek is that we have a ton of products that are powered by USB. In fact, we have so many awesome USB gadgets and goodies that we have to sell many-ported USB hubs so you can plug them all in. It’s a bit of a sickness, but like insanity, we’re loving every minute of it.

There are many things that shouldn’t be USB-powered. Your dog. Your lunch box. Your socks. But they could be… just stick the USB-IT to any item and it instantly appears to need a computer to survive. The prank possibilities are endless. The USB-IT comes with two USB cords and a bunch of tiny double-sided adhesive discs. To use, simply stick the end of the cable to whatever crazy object is in desperate need of a USB connection. Plug it into your laptop for added effect… of course it won’t do anything… but then again who knows. Maybe you’ll invent the next USB powered artificially intelligent banana.


Interested? This stuff is pretty cheap anyway. It’s only $4.99 at Thinkgeek and you’ll get one of this fake USB Cable. Watch this following video demo to see how geeks play around with it:

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