The Smallest, Cheapest Mini 3D Printer

Recently, a team at the Vienna University of Technology have just invented an new 3D Printer that is about the size of a milk carton. Yep, I’ve seend 3D printers and they are all biggie like a monster size all-in-one printer. However, this mini 3D printer is different.


The team is trying to build a 3D printer for the mass, especially for those with limited budget. It’s said that this 3D printer prototype will cost only around €1,200 or $1,700 to make one, which by far the cheapest solution to a 3D printer.

Of course, it has some sort of limitation because user won’t be able to print out a large objects using this mini 3D Printer. If you really want to, you can develop some kind of LEGO system where you can assemble them together from pieces.

The team also stated that this mini 3D printer will works with blueprints downloaded from the internet, too.

This method is not designed for large-scale production of bulk articles – for that, there are cheaper alternatives. The great advantage of additive manufacturing is the fact that is offers the possibility to produce taylor-made, individually adjusted items.

The printer’s resolution is excellent: The individual layers hardened by the light beams are just a twentieth of a millimetre thick. Therefore, the printer can be used for applications which require extraordinary precision.

Sadly, even they’ve announced the estimated cost to build each unit, it seems the team haven’t had any motivation to release it to the public for consumer. There is no indication that they will do it any sooner.

[via TG Daily]

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